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Includes all training of horse and rider. Full care of horse includes all grooming, supplies, grain, Timothy hay, laundry at barn, show trimming and maintenance of horse.



For horses and riders in our training program shows are an important part of the program. We like our riders to stay competitive in the show ring. We attend shows year round through out California.

Halcyon Farm Training


Horses and riders under Halcyon Farm care are offered lessons weekly, and training rides based on each horses needs. We provide training for riders of all levels at home and at shows to help each rider reach their full potential.




Paige Kirwin Bio image

Meet Halcyon Farm’s head trainer/owner, Paige Kirwin


Paige's equestrian journey began at the age of eight. Throughout her junior career, she showed on the California circuit, competing successfully in all three rings. She went on to gain invaluable knowledge and experience working on the FEI circuit with esteemed international riders, including Nayel Nassar and Kevin Gielen. 


Continuing her equestrian education, Paige transitioned to the role of assistant trainer at Erin Duffy Show Stables, where she devoted three years to guiding riders of all ages and experience levels. This experience at EDSS shaped her approach to horse care, instilling high standards that prioritize the well-being and happiness of the horses, ensuring they perform at their best. 


Following her time at EDSS, Paige assumed the role of show rider and manager at Huntover under the mentorship of Mark Bone.  After Mark retired one year ago, Paige took over the business which is currently located at Southern California Riding Club.    


Beyond her equestrian achievements, Paige has earned a bachelor's degree in Cognitive Neuroscience from UC San Diego and a master's degree in Psychology from Claremont Graduate University. As a trainer, she employs her academic background to inform her teaching style. Understanding that every student possesses a unique learning journey, she implements tailored approaches to inspire and empower each individual. 


Paige is thrilled to be leading Halcyon, where she can foster a supportive and personalized approach, inspiring and empowering each individual horse and rider to reach their full potential.

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